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I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool. Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

::With Love::

For happiness you've brought to me, these things I want to say

Thanks for sharing all my dreams.

I love you more each day.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


fadh said...

yeayyy ! congratz 4 ur relation ! fadh pown dup dap dup dap nk tggu 23hb ni . hahakerpar

Anonymous said...

tahniah mekja dgn afiq.. :)
semoga korg kekal smpai ke jinjang pelamin.. amin :P

Neddy Razak said...

congrats sayang. hope u& afiq will be together forever. iloveyou!

si eJa said...

tq girls. love y'all!

dada said...

congrate eja :)
hope bahagia dunia akhirat k
kite next month. hehehe

she rossi said...

congrate's babe ;)

EMYNISA said...

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